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I've got a problem. A customer wants his overhead service drops taken out from two buildings-his house and shop. He's got 2 100 amp panels fed from these service conductors run overhead with messenger wire as the neutral (no ground) in his house with wires from two weather heads tapped onto 4/0 al conductors. Another set of service conductors is run overhead to his shop tapped into wire running down his weather head. Again the messenger is tapped to the neutral.

Well, he bought and installed a generator and transfer switch (200 A) in his garage and ran a 2" emt pipe through his roof and installed a weather head to tap into feeders he wants me to run to his panels in his house and shop from his transfer switch.

I'm aware of code that requires me to run an insulated neutral and a ground to the subpanels and isolate the equipment ground and grounded conductor (neutral). However art 225 has the disconnect requirement for overhead feeder wire. He doesn't want to buy disconnects.

So my question is relatively simple. Does the disconnecting means have to close all ungrounded conductors Feeding his sub panels or can the disconnecting means simply be the main breaker in his sub panels? Kind of a stupid question that I should know the answer to but figured I'd ask anyways.
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