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If you have experience using or designing whole house filters, would you please share your knowledge with me?

We have a well with a sediment filter and a water softener. Until I shock the well with chlorine, we have black staining in the toilets and occasional sulfur smell. We have a septic field. Water test results are as follows:
From well and before softener (mg/L):
Iron: 5.896
Manganese: 0.634
Arsenic: Not Detected (ND) Hardness: 306.7
Sulfate: 28.1
Fluoride: ND
TDS: 757
pH 6.8
Sodium 24
Nitrate-N ND
Coliform: ND
E.coli ND
Copper: 0.014 (first draw)
Copper: 0.01 (flush)

Hot water after softener (mg/L):
Iron: 0.094
Manganese: 0.003
Arsenic: Not Detected (ND)
Hardness: 1.1
Sulfate: 28.5
Fluoride: ND
TDS: 436
pH 7.2
Sodium 191.93
Nitrate-N ND
Coliform: 1.01 (MPN/100mL)
E.coli ND
Copper: 0.126 (flush)

Here are my priorities for a water treatment system (from highest to lowest):
protect piping
reduce staining
reduce odor
keep the septic field operating efficiently
low maintenance (labor)
low operating cost
low first cost
quality drinking water

Notice that I listed drinking water last. We buy bottled water and will soon install a RO for drinking water only. I’ve listed fist cost toward the bottom. From experience, I suspect that first cost and operating cost will be in opposition to each other. Really, I want a system that meets the first listed objectives at the best “life-cycle cost.”

I may install the system myself, depending on the complexity and cost. Thanks in advance!

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