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Req: Help connecting circuit breaker and running wires

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I'm new to DIY and would like some advice on running/installing a new 15 amp circuit and some ceiling lights. The purpose of the new circuit will be to power six 5" recessed lights, two 3" recessed lights, one chandelier, and one wall sconce in my living room and dinning room.

I can fish the wires and install the lights and switches, but what is your advice on connecting a new circuit? Should I attempt this, or is this a job that should be done by a professional?

Also, what are the rules for running new wires. I'm planning to just run the wire around the outside of my basement ceiling, attached to the basement framing (basement is finished with exception of the washer dryer area) and then up through the floorplate and between the studs into the dinning room area. Will this meet code or do I need to cut holes in the ceiling drywall and run the wires through the joists. Lastly, when I fish the wire up to the first floor, can the wires be loose beween the studs or will I need to cut a hole and staple the wires to a stud?

Any advice is GREATLY appreciated..... Thanks
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Dinning room needs to be on a 20 amp breaker. You Do Not have to staple wires .You need to use pipe pvc or emt to go across ceiling or fish it through the ceiling
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