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about to refinish our garage floor w/epoxy(vinyl flake/quartz) in the mix. there are several crks needing repair due to no original contraction jnts. normal trade practice is to diamond -groove them & fill w/epoxy then refinish floor & install epoxy overcoat.

this repair misses the repair goal as cracks will return due to conc liking to be square (stress resistance) IF you ever have the work done, make it a point to full depth diamond saw a proper jnt pattern. yes, there may be some reflective cracking in the overlay however it will NOT be random.

placing backer rod in the sawed jnts will 'control' the expected cracking & result in a much better looking project. we're never had a call-back due to random cracking, delamination along the cracks, or reflective damage

just my thoughts based on 25yrs of this item :yes: yes, there's more to this item but i hope most benefit from this thread :thumbsup:
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