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Repoint and Parge basement brick walls

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I have a home that was built in 1939 and a basement that was previously finished in the 1970's. I have removed the walls because the prior owner had put insulation up against the brick walls. This led to some nice mold and wet insulation which I noticed after I moved in.

My basement was wet during the springtime when I bought the house, but I have since fixed issues outside (gutters, etc...), and it is dry. I do run a humidifier during the summer.

I would like to repair the brick walls and potentially finish the basement the right way. Are there any recommendations for a mortar mix for repointing the brickwork and then a mix for parging. I have seen alot of talk about older homes, but not so many for newer homes like my 1939 home.

What I have seen for homes built before 1930ish:
For repointing use a lime based mix, maybe 1:2:6 (portland :lime: sand)
Next parge over with a slightly softer and richer mix say 1:2.5:8.
Then use something like drylok to water seal the brick.

Any thoughts from those that may have done this before? A photo of the basement is attached. You can see it is a mix of painted brick, sections that were previously parged, and exposed brick.



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You want to make doubly sure the walls stay dry. Moisture coming thru the wall caused the problem. I'd want to give it more time to make sure you've solved the moisture issue. Others should be along with expert advice on how to dress the wall up.
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