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Replacing (Very) old Garage door opener--is it 250v?

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to replace a 40-year old garage door opener that stopped working, and the motor reads "250v"-- are 250 volt openers standard? does the 250v mean something completely different? or will I have to re-wire it to a standard 110v outlet type to put in a new opener? The original cover has most likely been lost to time; the brand was Overhead Door company.

I haven't purchased any new openers yet, making sure I know what I am getting into first :)
The door is not especially large --9'x7' not sure of their weight; if it matters, the door will likely be replaced shortly as well.
Thanks for any and all help!
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220 volt would be an odd ball. Sure it does not say 220/110?
How about a picture of the plug?
Figure out what breaker shuts it off. If it's a double breaker then most likyl it is 220 volts.
You could also check it with a meter.

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Get a voltage tester and check the voltages at the receptacle or wires that feed the old garage door opener. That will tell you what voltage you have and if you need to make any changes to accommodate the new 120v GDO.

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Thanks for all the quick help!

I feel kind of stupid not taking a closer look at all these things;

Regular outlet, controlled by a regular 15a breaker
while the outside of the motor is definitely stamped 250V, I now think that is just a manufacturer number;
there is a sticker identifying the motor (which I did not see previously) clearly states that the motor is Westinghouse 1/3HP, 115v, 3.6a, 1000RPM motor.
It is probably worth testing to be certain (since that is just the motor, not the outlet nor the device), but it alleviates most of the fears that I had.

Thanks again; I realize that I have only made the one post, but of all of the internet communities I have been involved with, this one is definitely one of the most thoughtful and helpful!
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