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Hello - in the upcoming months I want to start looking into replacing the original 4" white tile in a couple of our bathrooms.

I pulled up the floor register to see what was laid under the tile and it appears the builder put 3/8" ply wood over the subfloor then tiled on top of that.

Is this a normal practice for a house built in 2000? Can I remove the tile, sand the glue off the wood and re-tile? Or should I remove the second layer of plywood too and put down cement board instead? Or something else?

One bathroom is a powder room downstairs (no shower / tub) but the other is our full kids bathroom upstairs - both from what I can tell appear to be tiled the same way.

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Tile over the subfloor covered with ⅜" or thicker ply can work, but it's not a very good way to go. You're much better off with a ¼" tile backer or a membrane such as Ditra.

There's many variables, so let us know what materials you're planning to use.

Can you tell us all about the house and how the floors are framed?

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