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I will have a professional install a new split system in my home soon (few weeks). The gas pipes must be replaced as the current pipes are too small for a 4 ton system. My pro guy says he just runs them through the attic and down the exterior. I want to install an HRU as part of this change out. I'd like the HRU to be in the garage (where the air handler and water heater are).

- Can I pick the spot for my HRU and wall penetrations, or is gas piping not very precise? Meaning, will it be tough/impossible to line up the pipes with a small hole? :whistling2: (I'd rather make the holes myself, rather than have the installer go to town with a hammer)
- Would it be alright to have the pipe not insulated for the small section that will be in the block wall?
- I plan on a 16 SEER 4 ton unit from Carrier. I'm in central Florida. Is an HRU worthwhile?

Thanks. After three days of the search button and a lot of reading, I couldn't find these answers.
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