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Replacing some siding, need help

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As a part of fixing my deck ledger board I removed the bottom 3 rows of siding (1 piece is two rows one piece is one row). Below that I removed what looks like a combination of j channel and just the top inch or two of a piece of siding with the nail strip. Behind is some house wrap and then foam board insulation of the studs. Also some old aluminum siding I'm finding under there!

When I go to put the siding back on, what order so I do it? Start at the bottom so I can have access to the nail strip? Then try and click the pieces back together? Or do you somehow click the top piece in then blind nail? It was easier getting it off than I thought which was nice.

Also, is it ok if I can see the studs in some places under the house wrap? There are some breaks in the foam board. Should I tape those together or anything? No leaking so far. And i am adding plenty of water proofing by the ledger board.

Thanks so much!
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Tape and seal up what you can see.

You need to nail the board to the wall where the hem is and then lock the panels back together. You will start at the bottom and go up.
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