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We are about to replace our shingled roof on our garage with a metal roof from a local company. They do not supply instructions on how to install their roofs.

We are going to strap the roof with 1"x 3" wood strapping directly over the shingles (which are fine, the roof does not leak at this time and the roof deck is in great shape) then put the metal over the strapping.

This garage has no heat and is not insulated inside without a ceiling so we are not venting the roof. It does have gable end vents.

We are getting a ridge cap supplied as well as gable ends
and this is what we have for installation instructions.

The roof is installed with supplied metal screws with built-in caps.

(1) I'm a bit worried that the roof is going to leak without a rubber washer or anything else supplied. Is the overlap of every section enough to prevent leakage? What about bad storms in the winter when the rain blows sideways and the wind is very high? What do you think?

(2) I'm not understanding their instruction that says (under Gable Trim): "overhang edge by 1", cut up the side and fold front section to close off the face of the cap" Do they mean cut it where it meets at the peak? I understand where it meets at the peak, it needs to be caulked (caulk is supplied) and the last roof ridge vent needs to be caulked. Other than that, no caulking is recommended.

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I AM a moderator...... I see the script in your post but the image does not show. Most likely a vBulletin glitch.

The manufacturing company's link WAS removed, (not allowed) but it was not necessary to your getting help with your question.

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