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I have a bunch of recessed lights in my house and looking to replace them with LEDs and possibly new trim.

My first question is, why go with a retrofit LED kit like this:

as opposed to just replacing the bulb with a LED bulb? Is it for the looks? I'm thinking of going with the retrofit just for the looks. However the downside seems to be if one goes out, what if the kit is no longer available? What are the other considerations?

Also the cans I am installing them on... it has one big clip at the top. The type I am familiar with has the clips on the baffle trim. However the retrofit kit I linked to above looks like it can handle any type, I don't need to use the clips in the can. Other retrofit kits such as this:

have the clips I am used to... I can't use these right?

Any advise? I replaced a couple of the cans with Sylvania LED bulbs from lowes:

But I wasn't too impressed. Wasn't instant on!!

Thanks. See attached pics of my stuff.


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