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Replacing patio - Relocate downspout

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Our existing patio (patio blocks) is going to be replaced with pavers because it is sloping toward the house. We are also going for a more curved look with a sitting area.

Currently the downspout extension goes across the patio (great design!) I would like to go underground, but not sure exactly what I need. I have contracted the gravel/sand prep and pavel laying, but I need to do the downspout relocation on my own. There is no way of a different location of the downspout from the gutter due to the roof slope. We live in northern Wisconsin so we have cold winters and quick thaws.

The new patio will go out from the house about 15-20 ft. What type of drainage attached to the downspout should I use, what materials, how far should I extend from the end of the patio, How deep should I put whatever is recommended. I'm a newer home owner and looking for some advice on what I should do to get the downspout extension out of sight and not across my about to be put in beautiful patio. Thanks for the help.
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Drainage isn't rocket science. If you can't run the gutter water away from the downspout and foundation via the surface, then it has to run underground. You're talking about a subsurface drain pipe. I have a system that runs all around my house, pool, and spa, and terminates at the curb. I live in NJ, and the pipes are only a foot or so under the grass. Haven't had a problem, but if I was the homeowner that originally did it, I'd have gone down another foot or two. I've got 9 feet of elevation difference between the first drain head and the curb.

If you're really set on doing it underground, you need to collect the following info and post it here.

1. What is the height difference between the surface of the patio at the downspout, and the lowest point of your yard. Hopefully that low spot is the street. You can use the ancient Egyptian garden hose method of checking elevation difference. Post back if you need an explanation.
2. Walk out the shortest route from that downspout to the low point, and make sure there are no utilities crossing that line. In NJ we have New Jersey One Call, where you call them and they come out and mark out all of the utility runs (water, gas, electric, etc). You should have that in your state. Have them come out and do the markouts so you know where your utilities are. Septic is your baby, if you have it, and they won't mark that out. Be careful on that one.

A dry well is also an option, but there are a couple of tests and calculations that have to be looked at in order for that to work. Let's cross that bridge later.
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