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Replacing patio - Relocate downspout

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Our existing patio (patio blocks) is going to be replaced with pavers because it is sloping toward the house. We are also going for a more curved look with a sitting area.

Currently the downspout extension goes across the patio (great design!) I would like to go underground, but not sure exactly what I need. I have contracted the gravel/sand prep and pavel laying, but I need to do the downspout relocation on my own. There is no way of a different location of the downspout from the gutter due to the roof slope. We live in northern Wisconsin so we have cold winters and quick thaws.

The new patio will go out from the house about 15-20 ft. What type of drainage attached to the downspout should I use, what materials, how far should I extend from the end of the patio, How deep should I put whatever is recommended. I'm a newer home owner and looking for some advice on what I should do to get the downspout extension out of sight and not across my about to be put in beautiful patio. Thanks for the help.
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My yard is pretty flat. The new patio will slope the standard couple of inches per. The patio is in the middle of the back of the house so it would be a lot of digging and piping to go all the way around the house to get to the street.

I don't have septic so that is not a problem.

The ground is relatively sandy due to the gravel quarry about a city block away. My sump never ever runs even in heavy rains/thaws and I have aways had a dry basement.

I was thinking about routing the downspout to one of those pop-up drains. in the yard. How far do I need to be away from the patio? Should I use PVC with holes down or solid PVC to the popoff? Do I even need a popoff if I go out far enough?

Looking to install this weekend or next week.

Thank for the help.
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