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Replacing over 40yr old hedges

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Last weekend we had someone driving drunk run up in our yard destroying our hedges. The front of the yard the hedges (buxus green velvet) were ripped out by the roots. I want to replace all the hedges (which the person is paying for) with Thuja Emerald.

Now my questions are what tools will I need to cut the old hedges out, how deep does the new hole have to be, and what type of soil will i need for them to grow healthy?

And from what I've seen on some sites they only come in a 2gallon container?
Can they be brought taller than 2'?
The height in the front is 5' the sides of the yard are 3', it's a corner home.

We live in Philadelphia.. Thanks in advanced!
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Well as far as getting larger plants, you need to talk to your local nursery to see what the biggest size they can get in. It will obviously be quite a bit more to get a plant of that size and they might be B& should be possible though.

When it comes to ripping the other hedges out there are a couple good ways. Best method is to get a mini-excavator or small skid steer and dig them up. I would cut them down to the ground with a chainsaw or what ever type of saw you have available and then dig them up with the excavator or skid steer. Doing it by hand will take you quite a bit more time and a lot more effort. Tools you would need: shovels, mattock, axe. If there are large trees close by you can use some chains and a come along winch to aid you in pull them out. I have used this method very successfully by cutting the hedges down leaving about 18" of stump out of the ground wrapping a chain around the tree (put a towel or some geo-fabric between the tree and the chain so you don't damage the tree with the chain) hook the come along to the chain and hook the other end around the stump and start winching. You will see where the roots are as the get pulled out of the ground. Use an axe to cut them and keep winching and cutting roots.

Hope this helps.
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Loosing such wonderful old plants sucks, and due to someone else's A-holery! Tragedy.

If the drunk is paying, then you really ought to get some estimates for removal from local landscaper. Even if you just include the cost of removal to the insurance claim and do it yourself. I'm assuming his insurance is paying - but you can also add it to your victim's restitution amount, or whatever. You are entitled to it as part of your damages.

Also, I'd include the cost of a fine bottle of Scotch to properly 'Wake' your fallen shrubbery. My sympathies.
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