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I'm in Maryland, replacing the builder-grade outlets and switches originally installed in new construction in 1994. The builder used VERY cheap outlets/switches, and used the "quick-connect" in the back; I've had a number partially melt, due to failing connections (presumably arcing) at the "quick-connects".

Question: "To pig-tail, or not; that is the question!". This question generally applies to "daisy-chained" outlets, where the circuit does not terminate at the outlet-box. Location: Montgomery County Maryland.

When I had an electrician replace an outlet & switch, he "pig-tailed" the incoming and outgoing Romex, with a 3rd wire inside the wire-nut which ran to the outlet/switch. Generally this was done for only "hot" and "neutral"; in general, the ground was already pig-tailed.

Personally, given the hefty copper between the terminals on the outlet/switch (I use Leviton pro-grade, in general), I think it is more electrically sound to connect the incoming/outgoing Romex directly to the outlet/switch, but I don't know what "The Code(tm)" has to say about this. Of course, if the box is being used as a junction-box (not just a simple daisy-chain) pigtailing would be needed.
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