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Replacing motorized valve

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The motorized valve for my baseboard heating kicked the bucket I think last night. I am in a condo, so it is the one off the main line (hot water supplied by building) and it sounds like the motor itself is making the noise, the baseboards aren't getting heat so I assume the valve will not open because motor is toast.

The current valve is a honeywell v8043c1058 ( - $180) but the replacement I found locally was a Honeywell v8043g1216/u - 80).

Will it work / replace the motor that turns the valve? Don't know how to read the specs for these, and if I can save $100 its a good day.
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Ayuh,.... Best I can tell, the 1st one is a 24 volt valve, 'n the cheap 1 is a 40 volt valve....

Ya need the Right voltage for yer system...
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