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Hey guys,

I have a house with really only window locks and I'm looking to replace them with something more modern. The rest of the house is completely renovated and new, but they kept the 1950 Windows. My plan is to sandblast the windows down to bare metal then repaint White, but I'd like to replace the locks while I'm going. The problem is I have no idea what would work on these particular Windows. if anyone has any insight to where I could buy new locks and/or what would be the best way to do this, it would be much appreciated!

By the way here are some photos of the current locks on the Windows:

Mitch. ?

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It would probably be easier to get those refinished as well compared to find a lock with the same mounting hole locations.

I would be concerned about drilling more holes in the frame or having the holes not quite line up and effectively elongate the locating holes. This would make the screw holes largely worthless.
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