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Replacing Landscaping Tie Retaining Wall

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I have a landscaping tie retaining wall that is approx. 42" high that I want to replace. I'm thinking of using the interlocking lanscaping blocks and am wondering if it's necessary to remove the old retaining wall ties(4"), or would it be OK to leave it and fill behind the new wall.
Approx. 3ft from a corner section of the wall is a hot tub that will add weight to the wall. Is there any need to add extra support to the new block wall?
One part of the new block retaining wall could either sit on a concrete slab, or on an earth base, is there a preferred option?
Thanks in advance for your help.
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I have the basically the same situation and have been searching for an answer. Hopefully someone on here can answer this for both of us. I was hoping to put the landscaping blocks on top of the edge of the sidewalk slab. The slab is pretty level and I thought I could just use mortar on the bottom row to get it perfectly level. The wall I am building will only be two feet tall and the sidewalk would be a solid foundation.

The only problem I see is that the bottom row is not below ground like all the installation guides for the blocks suggest but since the bottom row would be mortared to sidewalk, hopefully that would bypass that requirement.

Anybody have any suggestions for us?

Thanks in advance!
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