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Replacing insulation

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I live in a house built in the mid-80's. When we moved in, we wanted to add insulation to the attic as it looked like it had the bare minimum. We went with blown in insulation.

We then did an addition, and realized that there was little, if any, insulationover our bedroom where they had to work. My wife and I put in R-19 bats over our bedroom. It is the best insulated area of the second floor and we can notice an appreciable temp. difference between our room and the rest of the upstairs.

IN addition, we also put in a Unipac style A/C system upstairs. The attic has been trudged through by workers as well as by us when putting in CAt 5 cable for my office in one of the bedrooms. We are wondering if we should have the blown in removed, and replaced with bats like over our room, or should we jsut get bats to go over the existing bats and blown in.

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Everybody keeps telling me I need to air seal between my house and attic too. What is the best way to do it? Should I throw down a layer of that spray foam insulation around all the vents and lights?
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