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One of the toilets in my house has a flange that is completely rusted away. The toilet is currently bolted to the subfloor with something like this:
so there is no real attachment between the flange and the toilet, and the wax ring is just pressed against the conical part of the fitting where the flange used to be. The flange is/was a bit low relative to the floor, so when I installed a new toilet a few years ago, I needed to use an extra-thick wax ring.

I am going to add concrete backer board and tile over the sub-floor, so I will need to raise the flange somewhere between 1/2" and 1". IIRC, the drain plumbing is glued ABS. (I haven't pulled the toilet up to verify since I keep forgetting to buy a new wax ring when I'm at the hardware store.) Since I need the extra height anyway, if the old flange fitting glued onto the outside of the drain pipe, can I just leave it in place and install a new press-in flange above it?

I'm not too eager to try to remove the old flange myself, for fear of ineptly breaking the 40+ year old plumbing and getting into an even more difficult situation, so if it's going to have to be cut off, I'll probably hire a plumber to replace it.
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