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I am replacing carpet flooring in DR, LR and formal LR (downstairs office for us) with hardwood. The kitchen makes the "4-corner box", which is already tile.
Unfortunately, I discovered that my front door frame had been leaking following some violent storms awhile ago (long story end result rotten foyer floor) and I will be forced to replace that hardwood.
There are differing opin. about whether I should make all of the space (excluding the tile kitchen) hardwood, for a uniform-continue appearance or replace the foyer hardwood with Travertine..


floor plan is [Dining Room]-[Foyer]-[Office Room]
[Kitchen Tile]----------[Living Room]


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Travertine...don't even have to think about it for a split second.

I see it all the time and it looks great. I've seen a lot of really classy homes that have travertine at the entrance and it transitions to hardwood beautifully.

I have hardwood extending to the door. Wet slushy boots mean wet slushy carpet. With the stone floor you don't have the worry of any water damage.

Did I mention it also looks great

IMO the only time things don't look uniform is when you have mismatched hardwoods.
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