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My home was damaged this spring by flooding. My furnace was submersed in
approx 48" of water and the condenser outside was completely covered. I assume these are destroyed but have to ask anyway....can they be repaired instead of replacing?? :)

If not - which I think will be the answer - I am considering installing at least the furnace myself to save money. The damaged one was installed in 1997 so it is fairly new. I consider myself a decent diy'er so i hope for the install to be fairly straight forward.

After that, however, I'm lost. I'd like to hire someone to do 'the hard part' of the a/c side of things but i fear i may be a bit naive when it comes to this project.

Any advice will be appreciated. I'd rather spend the same money on a high end furnace and a/c than pay someone to install a less efficient model. Perhaps that's a long shot...
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