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I found this thread on this site from back in 2006:

My circumstances are very similar. I have Bryant 349M horizontal gas furnace with a Fasco 7062-3136 type U62B1, p/n 240101 OH92, 3450 rpm, class B, 115v, 60H, .70A inducer blower. It's almost identical to the one described in the above thread, except that his part number was 20000101.

The squirrel cage fan jammed on the unit, causing the motor to overheat and trip-out. When I tried later to run the unit, it tripped out a couple of times and then starting running, causing the blades of the squirrel cage to shatter. I guess I could try and just replace the squirrel cage, but for safety's sake, I'm planning to replace the whole unit.

Here's where it gets complicated for me. My web search found an MOT205401 OEM replacement part for $428 but the picture that goes with the MOT205401 looks identical to a Fasco A137, which sells for less than $200 online. The Fasco cross-reference tool on their web site says that the 7062-3136 has been replaced by the Fasco A168, which looks similar to my unit except that it appears to have more drain holes in it.

The above thread and other threads I've found say that the A147 is the best replacement for the 7062-3136 so it's all very confusing to me. The gist of the comments is that the part should fit, have a drain hole at the bottom when mounted, and that it supply a comparable CFM airflow. My problem is, that I don't know whether any of the recommended parts provide this comparable airflow. I can't even figure out what the airflow of any of the units is.

I don't want to spend $428 for the OEM replacement part. This is getting up to the price the HVAC repair guys want to charge me! :) I'm leaning toward buying the A168, which the Fasco xref tool is now listing as the replacement but I have a question: Will it be a safe replacement? I'm not worried about the warranty on the furnace, it's over 15 years old, but if the airflow doesn't match-up perfectly with the old part, would this be dangerous? Can anyone tell me where to find CFM specs for these units?

Thanks for your help! It's cold in my house (in NJ). I hope it stays relatively warm until I can get this straightened out.

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