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Hello, we are having our floors refinished by a professional and I'm taking the opportunity to replace all of our 3 1/4 base trim with 6" base. It will be a little over 400' of base which comes pre-primed in 16' sections.

2 Questions:

After a light sanding, what would be the best method for painting these semi-gloss? Should I invest in a sprayer? Would the Wagner Flexio 590 be a good choice to look into? Brushing all this trim I feel would take way too much time?

What brand paint is recommended for this trim? I was looking into SW Pro classic waterborne acrylic and also BM Advanced. My upstairs trim was done with Behr Semi gloss and the latex peels in some areas - not a fan. I figure if it's new trim I should use a paint that will last and withstand elements of kids and pets.

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After the light sanding I prime with 1-2-3 I have had trouble with pre-primed. They use the cheapest primer possible, you don't know how long ago it was primed, and you don't know how it was stored.

I have never used the sprayer you mentioned but I have never used any Wagner sprayer I can say I liked. For trim I use an airless with a fine finish tip. (may not be practical for just 1 job). A mini roller and brush may be the best option.

As for paint I like both of the ones you mentioned. I personally use more of the Pro Classic because of the slow drying time of the Advance. (16hours between coats) Pro Classic also has a downside. It is very easy to over work it then it starts getting stiff and hard to work. This is because of the fast drying part. It also tends to run and sag so you need to watch as you go. Both of these paints level out really well eliminating brush strokes for a finish that looks sprayed. Neither of these paints play well with thinning as thinning affects the leveling properties already in the paint.

Hope this helps.
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