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I have an Amana freezer with a broken light switch. I am having great difficulty finding the correct replacement part. As far as I can tell, this is a round plunger style momentary switch.

Reading from the old switch, there are two lines of specs,

5A 125VAC
25A 250VAC

The switch appears to have been made by Ucinite, which doesn't appear to be in business any more. I think that the size is 15mm, but I'm not sure where to measure.

There are a variety of switches available such as,

uxcell Refrigerator Door Light Switch 15mm Momentary Switch PS-KA5 AC 250V 1A

but this looks like 1A 250V. Almost none of the switches I have found have any real specifications listed. How am I supposed to find the right part if the listings don't give the size or the rating?

There are some other listings like,

Refrigerator Door Light Switch 15mm Momentary Fridge Switch NC AC 250V

but this doesn't give the rated amps anywhere in the listing and the delivery date could be a couple of months out.

Can anyone help me with this of should I just buy a flashlight?


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Google ucinite switches.

I think, please note that I said I think, what you have is a double pole switch. When door is open the light burns, when door is closed the evaporator fan can run.

Below is one switch I found by Googleing Unicite switch.

The 15 mm would be the distance of travel in the plunger when opening and closing.

Good luck.
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