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Replacing disposal...wiring regs

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Current install has a electrical box with a switch surface mounted under the sink. Then NM wire from the switch box to the disposal. That's how it was when I bought the house, and I've replace the disposal once, using the same setup. It lived a good life but is leaking and needs replaced.

New disposal has a plug. So I have the option to install an outlet or just removing the plug and using the existing NM wire.

Here's the issue. I'm reading a Black & Decker book and it says NM wire is not permitted in an open area where it can be damaged. Ok, but it makes me wonder.....if NM wire is a no-no, why is a cord with a plug on the end allowed? Does a cord offer more protection than the sheath on NM? I wouldn't think so.
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basicaly,nm(romex) is part of permanut wiring so it needs to be protected.disposal is a cord and plug connected appliance just like washers,friges is a whole different can put the romex in wiremold if you want as it should be to box.
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