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hello all,

old french farmhouse with
1 meter thick rock/rubble walls, the mortar is limestone
wall height 7 meters
the old lintel's for a small window 1m x 1.4m are rotten and deteriorating
window is on bottom story
there are major cracks above the window, from existing lintel's to roof

job is to replace window with modern double panes

how does this sound??

1. retuck the existing wall
2. wait 2 days to dry
3. draw out window and lintel on wall
4. insert 4x4 above lintel
5. use jack to support wall
6. gently cut out existing wood
7. replace with new lintel wood or concrete
8. remove jacks, patch wall
9. remove rocks/rubble for window
10. install window

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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