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Replacing cord on a 1.5 hp above ground pool pump

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The ground prong on the cord to my 110 V, 12 AMP, 1.5 HP pump for my above ground pool remained in the receptacle when I unplugged it. I replaced it with a new 15 AMP cord from ahome improvement store. Is there any problem with the fact that it's 15 AMPs and the pump is 12 AMPs? It is working, but I think it sounds a little different than it did before I replaced the cord.

Thanks for your advice!
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You will be fine if you replaced the plug with one of the same configuation. Are the prongs on the new plug the same as the old one?
Yes, they are the same - thanks for your reply!
If the cord and plug are not warm to the touch when the motor is running you should be OK
Remember, the cord MUST be #12ga to be code legal. I am sure there are other code issues as well.

How old is this installation?
Thanks for the replies!

The cord and plug are not warm to the touch and it is #14ga cord...
And the installation is less than 3 years old.
Do you need to have it 10 ft long? 1.5 hp is a powerful motor to be on a cord- especially a long one. I would want to have the shortest cord that could reach the outlet without any problem. Also, as mentioned before the cord should be at least 12gauge.
that's a good point. It is 14 gauge -- sorry for the stupid question, but is that enough? I don't know if 14 gauge is more or less than 12 gauge in terms of electrical capacity.

I can make the cord shorter -- I had to put the little connectors on to attach it to the pump. Should I take it off, cut it down, put the connectors on and re-attach? The pump is only a few feet from the receptacle so it doesn't need to be 10 ft long.
12A through 10' of #14 = a 0.5% voltage drop, but I don't know how much more voltage you lose with plug/socket contact resistance at each end.
Why did you replace the cord instead of just replacing the plug?

And why would it have to be a 12 ga. wired cord for 12 amps? 14 ga, cord is rated for 15 amps.
How long was the old cord?
I seem to remember a Max length - 6' on cords for pool pumps??

Do you still have the old cord - see if you can read a wire gauge off of it

12g = 20 amps = 2400 watts

14g = 15 amps = 1800 watts = lighter duty

Your pump pulls 12a (Max?) = less then either of these

BUT, sometimes they want a heavier duty cord due to the length of time a pool pump is usually on

My pool pump was pulling 18.6a Max by the rating on the pump
So I hard wired it at 240v

Is this pump on a timer?
That is required here
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Except that the current installation could violate code & Mfg recommendations
Except that the current installation could violate code & Mfg recommendations
What code would be violated?
The cord and plug are not warm to the touch and it is #14ga cord...
And the installation is less than 3 years old.
It's 10 ft
This installation is riddled with violations and obviously was not inspected. Not that that matters to some folks.

There are MANY special codes with regard to pools.
Some key ones are:
- The cord for a pump motor MUST have an insulated ground of not less than #12.
- The cord must not be longer than THREE feet.
- If the receptacle for the pump is between 5-10 feet from the pool it MUST be of the locking type and be GFI protected.
- NO other receptacles are allowed less than 10' from the pool.
- You MUST have a standard 120v GFI protected receptacle between 10-20 feet from the pool.

Any other pool questions let me know. :thumbsup:
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Speedy, Thank you, I have never delt with any pool wiring.
I'll also add, anyone giving advice on the electric requirements for pools should darn well know the codes and what they are talking about. There is just too much at risk!
Sorry, but I feel very strongly about this.
The original cord from the manufacturer is 6 ft long and has '12AW GX3C' written on it, so I guess that means it's 12 gauge? It's not on a timer, and I run it for up to 12 hours in the summer.

I had the pool and pump professionally installed and had an electrician install a GFI receptacle specifically for the pool pump, but the pump came from the manufacturer with a 6 ft cord.

I will get a shorter 14 gauge cable to replace the orginal.

Thanks again to everyone for all your help!
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