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replacing cheap builder sliding doors

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Our house has multiple closets with the cheap builder sliding doors. The doors always come off the track. I don't like the low budget feel of these doors.

I know some slider/track upgrades are available which will probably help with the track problem, but what about replacing the doors entirely with like a French door style?

The problem I am facing is that my openings are about 46 3/4, but the doors I've seen are 48 inches. I'd rather not reframe/retrim the entire opening.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for a sliding closet door replacement?

Is there any option of a solid wood door so I can trim a bit off each side to make it fit?? If so, can you provide a link? All I've seen are hollow doors.
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True louver doors are usually made with solid frames that has lot more meat for trimming away. Hanging french door needs more exacting work and such doors are expensive enough. Your finish jambs will have to be replaced since they are different for slide doors. Side jambs matter more for french whereas top for slide. You may want this job left for a pro.
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