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Replacing ceiling fan on cathedral ceiling?

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Our master bedroom has a ~20 ft cathedral ceiling. The room is on the top floor, up several flights of stairs (it's a townhome).

The fan is only controlled via a remote, which is dying (only about 10% of the button presses are registered, and it's getting worse). The manufacturer (Encon) has been purchased/sold many times over, and no replacement remotes seem to exist. The dipswitches in the remote are set to 0000.

At a minimum it seems that I need to replace the remote control pieces, which are where the fan connects to the ceiling.

Any suggestions on how to go about doing this? Is scaffolding the only way to go? I hate to hire this out when a whole new fan would only be a few hundred dollars, but I don't want to kill myself, either!
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you may find a rental store that carries a 14 or 16' foot step ladder. I have several so I know they exist. Best to replace the fan, it is past its time.
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