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minium pitch for 3" and larger is 1/8" per foot and 1/4 per foot for anything smaller. if you pitch a line from a bathroom too much the water runs away from the waste and doesnt wash it down completely. In a kitchen sink bits of food would be left in the pipe when all the water drained away. its even worse if you have a disposal. i would run at the proper pitch then drop vertically when you need to. where does the vent go to now?? it would be nice if you could get the sink drain into the wall and vent it there.

vents can run a long way horizontally. just make sure to pitch the vent also. it should rise as it goes away from the drain line. if you tie the vent in in the area it is now use a t in the drain line and roll it up to at least a 45 degree angle or straight up if you can. it should be within 5 feet of the sink. double trapping a fixture has always been against code as far as i know. i wonder why they didnt tie the DW in at the KS.

no disadvantage to the vertical drop in pic 3.

you can run the pipe as close as you can get it. if you run pvc make sure to strap it good.

1-1/2 is the minium for a kitchen sink drain. the DW drains through a 5/8 hose anyway.
you can run 2 inch and use 1-1/2 for the vent and 1-1/2 for the drain and put a cleanout in the end.

leave as much cast iorn as you can. i would cut right close to where the wye comes off.

if you cut out the copper drains , cut off all the fittings and take them to the scrap yard. if they have fittings connected they give you the dirty copper price and not the clean copper price. make sure there are no brass fittings attatched either. they give you brass price if there are. post some pictures as you go along.
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