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Replacing buried 6x6 post for arbor

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Have a very large patio covering/arbor (combination 20/12 hip roof cover with attached 20x16 flat arbor) that had a wood deck stepped up over sloped yard adjacent to pool with concrete deck. Deck has been removed (tired of the rats/squirrels/SKUNKS living under the deck). Post were originally set 18" below grade set in concrete per city code. Plan is to drop the grade down to match the pool deck so posts at top and back end of covering will only have 6" or so under grade once excavation occurs.

Plan is to replace the posts ONE AT A TIME during excavation with new longer posts so that they will be 18" (at least) deep again. Without making this a long process with many pictures, all of the posts except one are under the hip roof area and have 2x12 joists lag bolted to the posts which roof sits on - so removing them will be pretty simple (jack/brace joists, unbolt, pull out from top along the opening between the joists).

But one post is going to be more difficult. This post (along with 3 others that are not being removed) is under front end of arbor and has both 2x12 joist and 2x6 cross joist bolted to the post. So although I could brace the corner of the arbor and unbolt its going to have to be put back in almost straight up (easier to remove as I can cut the post, remove the bottom part in the ground, then bring it straight down). Even if I dig a channel to try to slide the post in from under worried that it still can't be angled in. It is POSSIBLE that I could unscrew all of the shade 2x2s attached to the top, unscrew the back 2x6 and slide it out of the way - but would be VERY time consuming as this is also covered in polycarbonate sheets for rain protection.

Thoughts on options???? Only one I thought of is for this post only to pull the post, pour a concrete pier, and then strong tie this post in to the top of the pier. This would give me some room to be able to get the post much closer to vertical....



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Sorry, I have no suggestions for you. But that cross-bolting shown in your pic would never pass code here.
Thanks - yeah, its done all over here in central/mid Texas - we don't get a lot of harsh winters so we don't get the same contraction and expansion - so it is allowed by code. This one is 12 years old with no signs of any issues at all...But obviously it was built as a true support this would be a MUCH easier issue.
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