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Replacing bath tub

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is there any way to replace your bath tub with out taking the whole wall of tiles down?
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kgbishop said:
is there any way to replace your bath tub with out taking the whole wall of tiles down?
Have you considered inserting a new tub?
It completely depends on how your tub and tile was installed but usually yes.

If your tile is on green board, I would do this:

Suck out the trap with a shop vac or vacuum pump and transfer bottle and Plug the drain and overflow. The overflow is usually attached with two screws, the drain is screwed in. Plier handles and an adjustable wrench, or channel locks. Take a right angle grinder and cut horizontally at the second tile joint up from the rim of the tub all around. I would go right through the backer board to the studs. Remove those cut out pieces with a wonder bar and a hammer. You might be able to use a multi-tool here too. They work pretty good, and wont throw as much dust. You will have to remove the tile to the right and left outside the tub line also.

Disconnect plumbing. With copper, use a close quarters cutter. Since we don't know what kind of fixture you have we cant comment, we have to assume you are keeping the old fixture. (Im assuming you have the G2 to shut off the supplies to the tub, yes?)

Tubs have a flange that extends up behind the backer-board and tile. Sometimes the tub is fastened into the studs, sometimes just with the nail heads of roofing nails placed adjacent to the studs.

We can walk you through it if you post pictures as you go along. Speculation sucks, and is a waste of time. :huh:
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You're probably going to have to take out the bottom 2 rows of tile - that
hit the tub.
Cast Iron tub?
Cover it with a heavy drop-cloth/blanket and bust it up with a sledge-hammer.
Or - Saw-Z-All with a carbide blade.
Used both methods - they work.
Wear eye/face protection.
Steel tub?
Saw-Z-All with a carbide blade.
Be prepared, to go through more than one blade!

If you're going to put in a new tub -
Be prepared to tear out the dry-wall/plaster in front of the tub -
trying not to disturb the existing tile - might have to, though!
Good luck and have fun!


Merry X-Mas! :)
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