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Replacing baseboards and casing. Need help with sizes.

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So I am replacing my 25+ year old carpet with new laminate flooring. I have a combination of 8 ft walls and with vaulted ceilings, some 13 ft walls. I wanted to use 5 1/4 tall baseboards with 3 1/4 inch casing throughout the house.

However, after measuring, there are many instances where the 3 1/4 inch casing would just be too large. It would but up against most of the switch plates, I would have to rip at least one edge of it on 3 doorways in my hallway and I would have to relocate my thermostat or notch the trim to fit it.

So if my only alternative is 2 1/4 casing (still upgrading to a colonial from a clamshell) how weird would that look with the 5 1/4 baseboards? Seeing as how I have some high walls, I would have to go to 4 1/2 base.
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check a real millwork shop for your trim. Around here, 2 1/2" casing is readily available and is 3/4" thick at the outer edge. It looks a bit bigger on the wall than 2 1/4" without looking near as wide as the 3"+ casing. The full thickness also gives you something to butt the base into. The base is 5/8" thick.
Mike Hawkins:)
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