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Replacing baseboards and casing. Need help with sizes.

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So I am replacing my 25+ year old carpet with new laminate flooring. I have a combination of 8 ft walls and with vaulted ceilings, some 13 ft walls. I wanted to use 5 1/4 tall baseboards with 3 1/4 inch casing throughout the house.

However, after measuring, there are many instances where the 3 1/4 inch casing would just be too large. It would but up against most of the switch plates, I would have to rip at least one edge of it on 3 doorways in my hallway and I would have to relocate my thermostat or notch the trim to fit it.

So if my only alternative is 2 1/4 casing (still upgrading to a colonial from a clamshell) how weird would that look with the 5 1/4 baseboards? Seeing as how I have some high walls, I would have to go to 4 1/2 base.
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2 3/4" casing is extremely common here and a store in town carries 5 1/4" baseboard for next to nothing. i've done my own house with it and it looks great. i also do alot of restoration work and do lots of floods. when we pull 4" baseboard and it was caulked to the wall we up size it to 5 1/4" because its the cheapest. i find every base has a matching case. put them up to each other in the store and decide from there and yes check to make sure the baseboard is thinner then the casing or it will look a little funny having to miter the base where it butts up to the casing.
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