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Replacing baseboards and casing. Need help with sizes.

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So I am replacing my 25+ year old carpet with new laminate flooring. I have a combination of 8 ft walls and with vaulted ceilings, some 13 ft walls. I wanted to use 5 1/4 tall baseboards with 3 1/4 inch casing throughout the house.

However, after measuring, there are many instances where the 3 1/4 inch casing would just be too large. It would but up against most of the switch plates, I would have to rip at least one edge of it on 3 doorways in my hallway and I would have to relocate my thermostat or notch the trim to fit it.

So if my only alternative is 2 1/4 casing (still upgrading to a colonial from a clamshell) how weird would that look with the 5 1/4 baseboards? Seeing as how I have some high walls, I would have to go to 4 1/2 base.
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i specialize in interior trim for custom new homes and remodels.typcially designing the trim package.. most often you want the baseboard 2" taller than the casing is wide. and mike is right about having the base thinner than the casing though..

as for having to rip the casin this is very common when the framer doesnt allow for the casing width... you can either go with a narrower casing or just go with a 3" or 3 1/2" casing and rip it down as needed. i have to do this all the time on the inside of closets
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