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Replacing an in-shower window

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Hello folks, how are you today? I'm starting to get into serious stages of planning for my bathroom. I have majority of supplies I'm going to need for most of it, but the only thing I don't have a solid idea about is the window. As the pictures show, the previous owners of the home made a mess of the job. Nailing the trim, and using made in such a moist environment seems like a common sense thing to not do, but hey. One of the pictures shows the mold starting to appear under the silicone which is the cause for this whole bathroom renovation in the first place haha. When I get and install the new window, is there any crucial things to remember for sealing it, or is it mainly a matter of caulking where window meets tub surround? Thanks for your time, folks!


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If this window is really in the wet area the best thing you could do is remove it totaly.
Windows in a wet area is never a good idea and will be an on going issue.
If there is no roon above this area a simple to install solar tube would light up the room and not cause all the other issues.

If you insist on having a window concider installing a transom window at the top of the wall up high enough where direct water would not be an issue.

Still going to keep a window then use a vinyl double glazed and use all vinyl trim.

Where they messed up installing that trim is they tryed using base board for the jambs instead of making jamb extentions that came out even with the wall.
Ditto what Joe said.

Odds are pretty good when you remove this window you will find water damage and mold underneath from water soaking into it. It is difficult to waterproof a window in a shower.
Best solution is to either remove the window or move it up the wall so water doesn't hit it directly.
If you have to have a wdw I agree with one up top and narrow say the width of what you have and 12" high, non opening and Vinyl.
Seal from the window to the wall. The red tape used for housewrap is excellent, tape the wdw to the poly the tape gets covered with the drywall and moulding, also spray foam the gap between wdw and framing, and proper wdw sill pan.
Thanks for the pointers guys. The idea of the 12" tall window up top seems like a really good one! It's definitely a wet spot where it is presently. It gets absolutely soaked with splash during showers. Thanks agan!
I've done a few with acrilic block new constrution windows, looks good, lets in light, no curtin needed.
There is a reason why you see people placing shower curtains across the wall that the window is on. I finally took ours out, since I got tired of having it covered all of the time, and really not needed with the bath vent installed.
I did mine with glass block and exterior PVC trim boards about 10 years ago. Build the frame for the glass block out of the PVC boards. There is absolutely no wood exposed anywhere. Has worked great.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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