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Replacing a Manufactured Home Exterior Door

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I need to replace the exterior door in my manufactured home. I know that I need to special order a door to fit the space, but when I got to looking at the door I realized that there is a decent amount of extra trimming around the exterior of the door. I'm wondering if I can remove that and just fit the door to the space that way? I'm new to the remodeling game, but not new to basic construction techniques.
This is what the exterior view looks like (left side of door rotated to the bottom of the picture). Any suggestions would be welcome!


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I would measure the door. Newer manufactured homes ('85 and newer) sometimes have standard sizes doors.

Another option is to reframe the door to a standard size pre-hung door. A standard size pre-hung at lowes is only $144 (door and jam).

Just other options. ;)
I hope that after 1 1/2 yrs the op has this finished by now.

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Hello, looking for some help. I had a guy come out to this house and ball the doors up. What would you recommend to finish this. I had to let the guy go because he was obviously inept. Thanks.
Jesus, Im sorry I dont know how to post an image.
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