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I have been having a huge amount of trouble identifying a halogen blown halogen light bulb I need to replace in our oven. I have looked at the bulb, the fixture, the lens, the heat shield, the manual, called the manufacturer, looked at the oven parts list, contacted a third-party parts website and ultimately I believe I know the specs for the bulb, but I feel I need to know the risks of getting it wrong.

I believe the bulb is a 120V, 20W, G5.3 Bi-pin - something similar to this. Note that the image is of a G8 not a G5.3!

I'm not asking for help finding the bulb for sale (although if I can confirm the specs then that would information would be really useful!). Instead I'd like to know:
- What would happen if I put a 120V bulb in a 12V fixture?
- What would happen if I put a 12V bulb in a 120V fixture?
- Can a bulb be rated for external temperature as well as fixture type, voltage and wattage?

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120 volt lamp in 12 volt fixture will not light

12 volt lamp in 120 volt fixture will blow out in a second.

Temperature rating should not be an issue.
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