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Replacing a joist that's sitting on a brick footer

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House is a 1920 Dutch Colonial.

Over the years the floor in the florida room (single story room, 9x13, sits on the south end of the house) has started to lean on one side (the short 9' side). I never paid much attention to it as nothing is in that room except a desk and a chair. Yesterday I looked down there and it looks like the joist that sits on the brick footing has some rot, causing the sag. The footer is 2 bricks thick and sits on top of a concrete wall that is 8' high (which is the wall of the basement).

What would be the best way to repair this?

I was going to get a floor jack this weekend and get it in then slowly jackup up the floor to make it level. Or should I do that then, once done, remove that joist or sister one to it?

At one time there were some water issues in that area but they've since been resolved.
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You are describing a "joist", but are you looking at and talking about the sill of the foundation? IF this is a big, thicker than the floor joists board that is sitting on the brick which is sitting on top of the concrete wall, then it sounds like the sill. IF it is the sill, it can be changed out. It's not the easiest job to do but can be done. The trick is to jack the existing floor joists up evenly and slowly to take the weight off of the existing sill. Then the sill can be cut into sections for removal. Size up the sill before removal and have your new material ready to replace immediately. I replace sill in sections with the joints between the existing floor joist.
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