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Replacing 3 Diva Switches and 2 "3 way" switches with Grafik Eye QS Dimmer

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Here is the current layout drawings for the CURRENT setup in the room.
I have 3 Lutron Diva Dimmer Switches at the main entrance and two "3 way" regular switches at the other entrance.


Here is the CURRENT wiring layout for the side entrance with the two regular "3 way" switches:

Here is a "map" to show you the room and where the 3 Lutron Diva switches are (main entrance) and the other entrance (with the two regular "3 way" switches):

I am going to be replacing the 3 Lutron Diva Switches with a Lutron Grafik Eye QS. I am going to be replacing the 2 regular "3 way" switches at the other entrance with one Lutron "Pico" switch. The Pico Switch will wirelessly connect to the Lutron Grafik Eye QS:

Here is the wiring diagram of what the box will look like AFTER the Lutron Grafik Eye QS is installed. Here is the ONLY QUESTION(S):

1. What do I do with the existing "traveller" (red wires) wires going between the two room entrances? As you can see in this projected layout drawing for when the Lutron Grafik Eye QS is installed, I suggest that I simply tie the 3 "Traveller" wires together with a Wire Nut. Is that a solution?

Question 2: What do I do with the "power" wires and the "traveller" wires that go to the OTHER entrance (with the 2 regular "3 way" switches)? Do I just wire nut the traveler wires together, and then wire nut the neutral wires together, but then install individual wire nuts to each and every POWER wire (black wires) to their own individual wire nut (ie don't tie the power/black wires together)?


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