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Hello all, and thank you in advance for your assistance.

I am seeking to replace one of the three bathroom exhaust fans in my house. All 3 are on the same circuit (3 bathrooms, each with own fan and switch), along with a couple of lights (not the bathroom lights, interestingly...but I digress).

The new fan I purchased comes with a humidity sensor instead of a standard on/off wall flip switch. This new electronic switch/sensor has four wires: white, black, red and ground. I have replaced a bunch of switches around the house and it has all been pretty straight-forward so far so wasn't expecting any surprises. Until...

Surprise! The current fan switches are 2-pole, stamped 15amp, 120/277v with no other useful markings. It has 1 red wire and 1 black on one side, and two white wires connected to the other.

Coming into the box are two wires: one is 3 and the other 4 wire. The white and black of the 4-wire are connected directly to the switch. The red from the 4-wire is connected to the black of the 3-wire, and together they are connected with a red wire to the switch. The 3-wire white is also connected directly to the switch.

My new electronic switch installation manual says it is for 120v only, and says " ATTACH POWER WIRE AND FAN WIRE Attach 120V AC 60Hz
3-wire power (Hot / Neutral / Ground) inside the wall enclosure
with a minimum of 15.2 cm leads. Attach fan three wire leads inside
the wall enclosure also with minimum 15.2 cm leads. If an existing
power connection is used in an existing wall enclosure you must
confirm proper AC 120V Hot / Neutral / Ground are available."

The instructions are on page 13 of this manual:

I know nothing about 2-pole switches. Can I uses this fancy switch in my case?

- Nikko
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