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Two possible scenarios here. We are doing new windows and siding

1. Currently have double hung windows- If we replace them wiht exact size double hung would it make sense to get new construction windows or stay with replacement?

2. If we replace the double hung with casement windows can you get same exact size casement as the double hung or would some re-framing be necessary?

Thank you.

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Window rough framing is usually in 2" increments for standard windows and new construction windows come made 1/2" smaller in both directions to give room for levelling. I have seen replacement windows that were 1" smaller in in one or both direction. I think you really ave to check with suppliers.

We did one house and the windows were some special opening deal and they all came 3" wider. Had to reframe ever hole and header.

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If you are replacing your siding as well, I would go with new construction windows.

Keep in mind that NO window is manufactured until an order is placed for it. Those you see in the box stores were ordered as "standard" size windows by the box store, hoping you would buy them.

Go with a reputable dealer who can order your windows, unless your openings fall into the "standard" size range, as mentioned by @Nealtw. Casements are awesome windows in that they allow 100% of the opening to let fresh air in, whereas single and double hung windows allow only 50%. If you have overhangs to protect the casements, you are ahead of the game. Not having overhangs will limit your use of casements to fairer weather days with no rain.
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