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Replacement window questions

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I have read a bunch of threads on this but have a few questions. My house is brick first floor, finished attic with shed dormers and masonite siding on the gable ends and sheds.

I want to replace my windows as the wooden windows I have are starting to rot. I am going with vinyl replacement windows.

The downstairs windows are encased in brick but the upstairs windows are like any sided house.

The downstairs windows have a sill that extends out over the brick about 4 inches. The upstairs windows do not. Some of my windows are quite large ex: 76x77 triple wide double hung. I am also looking for windows that tilt in for cleaning as my wife has trouble cleaning the current ones.

1). Is there a different type of window I need to order for the first floor? All of the vinyl windows I have seen do not have this sill on the outside of the window.

2). Is vinyl a good choice for very large windows. I am concerned about sagging of the frame over time.

3). Are tilt in windows prone to loosing seal over time? My current windows feel like they are open during the winter.

4). Has anybody had experience with VantagePointe by Simonton? HD sells these and I was going to try to get Simonton, but would consider these if they are decent.

5). Any other brands anyone recommends?

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Yes, I will be replacing my existing windows and frames. I am glad you made the point about replacement vs new construction. It seems there is a bit of inconsistency out there, even among manufacturers. I am seeing retrofit windows being labelled as replacement. There is also something called a "block frame replacement window" that says it's a new construction window with no nailing fins and is designed for brick and sided homes. So, I will have to be very specific when I choose as I could wind up with a bunch of windows and no frames. LOL. I continue to learn about this as I go and appreciate the correction you made. It opened my eyes to the different terms being used.

I am not locked into Simonton, but it seems like a very good price performer. From what I have read, Marvin, Simonton, Anderson are decent windows to install while Pella, American Craftsman and a few others are not. My goal is to have a draft free home with windows that are easy to clean and will last. Any brand that can accomplish that will be on the list. Also, I want to buy from a manufacturer that will be around in 10 yrs as well.

The most critical window is in the rear of the house, so the "oops" factor is much less. I have a picture window that is sagging from rot. I want to replace this one myself as I will probably find the support frame will need work. It will be a simple installation, with a small double hung on each side of it. I may do this project to get my feet wet. The double hung windows are 22 x 64. I won't need any ladders to work on the outside and I have a large open work area inside.
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