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Replacement part

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I wanted to know is there anywhere online I can order this part? It's the white plastic piece which fits over the valve. There's a one for the hot water & one for cold.
What are the exact names of these parts?

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probably comes with the knobs; officially they are the white, plastic insert thingy that keeps the knob from spinning on the stem.
Yes I know it comes with the valve stem & keeps it from a constant spin.
I would like to order another one if I could vs having to spend $60 for a new kit.

Ok, no one knows what that part is called?
I couldn't resist; no harm intended.
lol...It's cool no harm no foul:thumbsup:
It's a limiting device ring. It keeps the valve from opening fully. Form of anti-scald
Do you know where that part can be purchased?
I just searched 2 site a total of 80 pages of parts!
Everything under the sun except for that particular part?!:furious:
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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