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i replaced all the plugs and switches inside the house, now i have a outdoor plug that has no power. im pretty sure the 3 gang lightswitch box on in side by front door is supplying power to that plug(its above and just to the right of outdoor plug) 2 switches work and i can trace wires to lights, theres 1 switch that never powered anything(i think there used to be a lihgt in liv rm) all wires were switched 1 at a time, plugs are wired using 4 wire and supply power to switches. the red wire from 4 wire has a jumper to bottom of all 3 switches as well as what i think is outside plug, the confusing part is the black wire from 4 wire(also hot) is going into top of 3 switch. on or off the switch does nothing and does not pop breaker as i expect. has anyone ever seen this?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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