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Replace & prime cracked Shingles?

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Hello, going to start painting my house 1 section at a time over the next 1-2 years. I have some cracked shingles here and there that I'm going to replace as I've got two boxes of extra cedar shakes.

My thinking is to cut out bad shingles with a blade. Then either tack or nail? Not sure which I should use and what size? Also, Don't I have to treat new shingles before I can paint over them?

I've spent time going over the paint vs stain debate. I had a friend of mine who works for Sherwin Williams look at my house and recommend the lifetime paint over the stains. I do have a latex stain on there now that's at least several years old but dried out. However, no flaking or anything so it was done right. My friend also said to take my time and go slow and work on dry days to be sure no moisture is trapped behind the shingles before I paint. This is how to avoid paint pealing. However, some shingles are starting to curl and crack because they are so brittle.


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Please go back and add your location to your profile.
Just go to the top right where your name is to edit.
Bad time of year to be doing any outside painting in most areas.
May be able to get those shakes out with a 12" metal cutting blade on a sawsall.
Use stainless steel ring shanked siding nains to avoid rusting and with the small heads they should not show to bad.
Thanks JC. I updated that info. I'm north of Boston 20 miles, close to the seashore.
No way would I'd be doing any outside painting in that area anytime soon. You will regret it.
I have great confidence in SW's Woodscapes solid color stains. Been using them for years with great, long-lasting results. Nice thing about stain is that you get no peeling. Sure, it fades a bit, but usually you get 8-10 years out of a good stain job, more if you keep up on maintenance like cleaning every couple years..
Thanks, latex or oil stain on the SW woodscapes?
Thanks, latex or oil stain on the SW woodscapes?
The latex is best IMO.
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