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Replace door on manufactured shed

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For a couple reasons I need to replace the door on my small pre-manufactured shed. Any idea on where I might purchase a similar style replacement and how I'd do it? The rough opening is 92 1/4" by 72" (two doors). I've attached a few pictures. I have no idea where I could find similar doors. I'm also not sure how to get the old one off. Each side has a full height hinge that I can only see the half inside the door frame. The other half attached to the building is behind the siding and some trim around the door opening. I'm guessing I have to remove this trim and hope the hinge isn't riveted to the building?

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Looks like cheap mobil home siding.
I bet that thing sure is flimsy.
May want to concider build a whole new stronger one.
Looks like cheap mobil home siding.
I bet that thing sure is flimsy.

Think.. and then speak.

He didn't ask you if you thought the thing was flimsy. If you don't know how to fix his door then maybe
You should just keep on scrolling along.
It might be a bit flimsy but it feels solid inside and it keeps the water out despite being through one recent tropical storm and if the date is right, through the four hurricanes in 2004. I have plans to build a large proper workshop elsewhere on the property but for now this one and my other (which is newer, built out of better materials) will do. I would really like to replace the doors on this but have no idea how I would even begin searching for a new door (pre-hung, slab, etc...).
You can make your own door.
It's done all the time on DIY sheds.
I'd guess that opening is to short for a prehung.

When ever possible put the cross bucks on the inside not the outside or use vinly lumber.
That's the first thing that's going to rot from water sitting on top of them.
Brandon if you cold post a photo of a corner edge of the door. I rebult a door on an old trailer. The prvious owner replace the front door and the replacement door fell apart. So I had to put in a pre hung door.
The door that I rebult is holding up very well.
Also how thick is the current door?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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