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Replace a 10" rough in toilet with a 12" rough in

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I have a 150 year old house. The old (low tank) toilet uses about 6-7 gallons of water to flush and has a 10" rough in. I want to replace it with a Toto Dartmouth (which I have in my half bath downstairs and love it). Problem is that the Dartmouth has a 12" rough in.

Would it be too difficult to change the rough-in to accommodate the new toilet? Would it be expensive to have a plumber change the rough-in? I know I can get the Toto Carrolton with a 10" (Uni-fit). but not crazy about it. Also the Dartmouth sits higher and would rather move to the more standard size rough in if possible.

Any help would be appreciated.
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try one of these
toilet flange offset.. Note......... may not meet code in your area.. Not the best ..But, I have used them
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10" IS the standard rough-in. Most 12" rough toilets need to be special ordered. As kenmac stated, you could go with the offset flange adapter although it goes inside the current pipe so it does reduce the size of the opening. Depending on what material the drain line is (may be a lead bend) , it may be possible to add on to the existing pipe to make it 12" rough.
Not a big fan of offset flanges but if you insist on using the toto dartmouth it might be the way to go unless you can move the flange out 2 inches without it being too much of a hassle.
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