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replace 3way switch in 3 gang with a smart switch

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I am have a 3-gang box with one 3-way switch. I have replaced the 2 single pole switches with wifi smart switches and want to replace the double throw switch with a single pole wifi smart switch. It is suggested that I can do this by leaving the secondary switch on and wiring up the smart switch. However, I have been unable to do this correctly, in part b/c I am confused by all of the wires in the 3-gang. Based on the photo, I have created a diagram, both of which are attached.

The smart switch has Neutral/Live/Load & ground connections. It seems that I want to connect the Live, Neutral, and ground from the A/c panel to the smart switch and keep the common as the Load? Unfortunately, this did not work for me. What do I do with the wires that I believe are coming from the secondary switch? Any suggestions on how to easily make it work?

Thanks in advance for any ideas .


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Why don't you get a three way wifi and leave the other switch?

Based on the diagram.
the black wire nut is your LIVE wire.
The red wire on the three way common is the LOAD wire.
The red and white to the second switch are the traveller wires.
I could get a three-way smart switch. As I don't use the secondary switch, and I have the single pole switch at hand, I thought I could be able to install it.

Even if I purchase a 3-way smart switch, I still have the problem of understanding which wire goes where. As shown in the image, the 3-way ss has 5 wires, including two travelers. The existing dumb switch only has three wires. Do I take the two reds as travelers? Doe sit matter which goes where? do I take power and neutral from the A/C source or from the wire coming from the secondary switch/ Any help is appreciated.



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It appears the cable to the second switch can be completely abandoned.
This may however create a code violation as there should be a switch at each entrance into the room so you don't have walk through a dark room to get light.
Good luck, I think I have a similar issue.
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